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World’s Most Extraordinary Celebrity Vacation Homes

Celebrity Vacation Homes

A luxurious trip is always appreciated. While many vacationers enjoy getting away from it in a more rural setting, others can’t wait to indulge in some luxury during their time off. Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial means to take a crazy trip, much alone purchase a mansion in a picturesque place. There is one notable exception to this rule, though, and that is the celebrity class. Many own Celebrity Vacation Homes that can compare to their primary residences.

Most famous people these days seem to live in mansions that are both enormous and decorated in a highly individual style. While many of these mansions have elaborate security systems to keep fans and the press at bay, others are situated in secluded places that allow for more traditional levels of solitude. Although hundreds of famous people have residences in different parts of the world, certain of these properties have been renowned as the most costly, remarkable, and gorgeous.

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1. Antigua: Armani’s Ultra-Natural Retreat

Celebrity Vacation Homes

Armani’s vacation home in Antigua, a stunning multi-house complex that follows the rough slopes down the cliff, looks out over Galley Bay. The main suite and the rest of the home are strategically oriented to fully use the ocean’s panoramic views. The exclusive enclave has its private beach, swimming pools, and tropical gardens, all connected by terraces.

The main house, guest apartments, patios, and pools are all accessible by stairways that run down the cliff. Armani opted for louvered shutters, lightweight drapes, and mosquito netting in place of standard glass windows to maximize the natural light and ventilation throughout the home.

2. Kauai, Hawaii: Will Smith’s Huge Acreage

Celebrity Vacation Homes

Four residential buildings on Will Smith’s former 6.91 acre Kauai property with a total of 7 bedrooms and seven full and two half bathrooms were recently sold for $12 million. Three of those bedrooms can be found in the two-story main home, built with Kareem Abdul Jabbar in mind and features extra-high ceilings and entrances.

You’ll also find a separate guesthouse and stables on the property. In addition to the private, deeded access trail that winds its way down the bluff to a beach, a wide variety of tropical ornaments and mature fruit trees. In my opinion, this is one of the best celebrity vacation homes.

3. Amagansett, New York: Paradise on Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity Vacation Homes

It cost Scarlett Johansson $2.2 million to purchase her Amagansett house in 2014. The 3,500 square-foot home features four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms and is located adjacent to Napeague State Park. Classic shingled cottage on 1.41 acres with expansive grounds, in-ground pool, and beach access.

The two-sided stucco fireplace is the focal point of the open floor plan in the living area. Also, in the summer, you may use the balcony’s shady site outside the dining room to fire up the grill. The mansion may look unassuming to New Yorkers unaware of its residents, but it is well equipped with all modern conveniences.

4. Kohala, Hawaii: The Private Island Retreat of Neil Young

Even though Neil Young no longer has ownership, his previous $24.5 million mansion is no laughing matter. The home occupies a two-acre plot between two picturesque bends of Wai’alea Bay on the Big Island’s northwest coast.

The main home and the two cottages may be used as sleeping quarters, totalling nine bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. In addition to the pool and pool house, there are two greenhouses and a terraced garden for growing vegetables. There is a wide variety of fruit trees on the land, including coconut, papaya, and mango trees. It’s the ideal tropical getaway for anyone seeking peace.

5. Calvin Klein’s Colossal Mansion in Southampton, New York

Celebrity Vacation Homes

Calvin Klein spent about $30,000,000 on his oceanfront home in Southampton in 2004. Five years later, he demolished the castle in 1929 and built the current residence. Klein, including the cost of the land, spent roughly $75,000,000 on constructing his mansion.

All of the ocean-facing rooms of Klein’s house are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows so that he and his visitors can take in the scenery without leaving the comfort of the house.

There’s also a guesthouse on the property, and it’s connected to the main home by a basement tunnel. A lot of people go to see Klein’s bizarre home on the off chance that they could get to meet him.

6. Sting’s Dream Vacation in Tuscany, Italy

This 16th-century Celebrity Vacation Homes mansion Sting has been staying in Tuscany. It has nine air-conditioned bedrooms. The property has an enormous pool, tennis court, stables, organic vineyards, and olive trees. The villa’s pool area, wine cellar, loggia, and terrace are all fantastic places to host guests, while the rest of the property offers even more options for hosting parties.

The mansion features a state-of-the-art recording studio and conference center that is convertible into a yoga studio. Also available on the premises are four separate guesthouses. His villa is available for private gatherings for up to 400 guests.

7. Miami: Pharrell Williams’ Private Urban Escape

Celebrity Vacation Homes

The Venetian Plaster spiral staircase at Pharrell’s former Miami penthouse was among the building’s many distinctive features. The penthouse, which measures nearly 9,000 square feet. You may find a billiards area and a gym on the penthouse’s upper floor. It offers a private outdoor pool, barbeque area, and three levels of decking and terraces outside. Those who want to spend their holiday in the heart of Miami will find Pharrell’s private paradise challenging to overlook.

8. Seal Harbor, Maine: Martha Stewart’s Favorite Place to Host Events

Martha Stewart’s 1925 Maine house is on a bluff overlooking Seal Harbor. The 63-acre estate features a mansion with 12 bedrooms plus many guesthouses, kitchens, and other facilities. The 60-foot-long living room is in the middle of the home.

Stewart has adorned the house with various vintage and inexpensive readily available objects while retaining many of the original finishes. The patio is a beautiful spot for themed events, so they frequently end up in her magazine.

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