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Valorant Agent Guide: Brimstone

Valorant Agent

Riot Games developed Valorant, a team-based shooter. Players can select from a diverse cast of colorful and distinctive Agents in this game, each with their own set of special skills. While Valorant Agent Brimstone’s talents make him more useful than most other Agents in Valorant’s American Controller, how do you play him? Check out these helpful hints.

Brimstone is one of Valorant’s most enjoyable Agents. There are many amusing methods to kill your enemies, whether you’re using your Molotov or your ultimate, and they’re all quite entertaining.

When it comes to using Brimstone’s many skills in the game, there is no need to fear. This guide discusses all you need to know about the Valorant agent “Brimstone.”

Is Brimstone a Good Valorant Agent?

Brimstone is the chief of the Valorant Protocol team and a Controller in-game, according to Valorant’s backstory. Brimstone may have a poor pick rate at higher ranks, but he is extremely effective at lower ranks.

His collection of skills focuses on gaining control over specific portions of a location. Brimstone’s orbital arsenal guarantees that his team always has the upper hand.

His precision and safety in delivering utility make him the unrivaled leader on the ground. Overall, Brimstone is one of the simplest agents to master in Valorant and an excellent option for most situations.

Is Valorant Agent Brimstone Good for New Players?

If you’re new to Valorant, I recommend starting with Brimstone. Players can use his ultimate to quickly clear away open bomb locations, making him an effective attack controller.

Using Brimstone’s long-lasting Sky Smokes, gamers can also enter spike areas without being spotted by other players. If you want to slow down your opponents and protect your team, his incendiary grenade is an excellent option.

There is a strong impression that Brimstone is more of a team-oriented agent with a strong focus on his powers. After all, he is the head of the organization. Brimstone is an excellent choice for Valorant newcomers because of his powers’ simplicity and the ease with which you may learn them.

Brimstone Abilities – Valorant Agent

It’s easier to take out enemies with Brimstone’s skills to put them in vulnerable situations, which is especially helpful when taking sites. The Agents Stim beacon can assist you, and your comrades gain the upper hand in duels. Here is a breakdown of each of his skills:

Ability#1: Incendiary (First Core Ability)

  • Cost: 250 credits
  • Duration: 7s
  • Function: Heavy Damage Grenade
  • Charges: 1
  • Command Key (Default): Q

A Molotov launcher is needed. By pressing the FIRE button, an incendiary grenade will be launched and bounce twice before exploding when it strikes the ground, damaging teammates and adversaries. Mainly it is used on planted corners and spikes.

Ability#2: Stim Beacon (Second Core Ability)

  • Cost: 100 credits
  • Duration: 10s
  • Function: 15% Speed Boost, 15% Rapid Fire Buff
  • Charges: 2
  • Command Key (Default): C

Firstly, EQUIP a disc. While standing in an area of effect, Brimstone and his companions will increase the rate of firing of players by 15% for 12s. Charges for this ability are two.

Ability#3: Sky Smoke (Signature Ability)

  • Cost: 100 credits
  • Duration: 19.25s
  • Function: Block Vision
  • Charges: 3
  • Command Key (Default): E

You need to EQUIP a map. Smokes can be sent to the target regions by LEFT CLICKING on them and RIGHT CLICKING on them. For 19.25 seconds, smoke will impair vision. At the beginning of each round, Brimstone can select up to three charges for this ability.

Ability#4: Orbital Strike (Ultimate Ability)

  • Cost: 7 Ultimate Points
  • Duration: 3s
  • Function: High Damage to Players

You need to EQUIP a strike map. All Agents in the area of effect will take damage over the course of three seconds as a result.

Brimstone is a zoning and intelligence-gathering tool. Using your incendiary, you can take sites more easily by blocking off access points or clearing corners.

On the other hand, Brimstone has one of Valorant’s best Ultimate Abilities. This weapon is a godsend for clearing out vantage points or punishing enemies who are foolish enough to camp in a corner or nook.

Guide to Using Abilities of Valorant Agent “Brimstone”

Tip#1: Incendiary

Brimstone’s Incendiary does less damage but lasts longer – roughly 8 seconds – than Phoenix’s Hot Hands. Zoning out areas and postponing the start of attacks are only some of the uses for this ability’s prolonged duration.

Brimstone’s Incendiary isn’t going to get you many kills, but if you utilize it correctly, you’ll play a significant role in winning the round.

The Incendiary canister in Phoenix’s Hot Hands bounces before bursting into the flame area instead of spreading immediately on impact with a surface, a major deviation from the original design.

There are a few things to remember if you wish to use it in tight quarters: position the canister at your feet and let it skim down the floor, or it will fly past where you intended for it to go off.

The range of the Incendiary canister is impressive given its modest travel speed. With a little practice, you’ll be able to reliably place Incendiaries all over the map, provided you know where to aim from so that they land where you want them to.

Tip#2: Stim Beacons

The Stim Beacon only lasts for 12 seconds. However, the RapidFire follows you for another 4 seconds after the Beacon has faded.

You can reactivate RapidFire while the Beacon is still active, so long as you walk back into the impact region.

RapidFire, as the name suggests, boosts your rate of fire by 10% across the board for all weapons and firing modes. Slow-firing weapons, such as the Operator and Marshal, highlight the distinction the most (and may also be the most effective).

You gain RapidFire by enemies who enter your Stim Beacon. Hence it’s critical where you put your Beacon. Put the Beacon slightly behind where your team is pushing, so allies can go back and touch it if necessary.

Stim Beacon has a two-charge limit. However, you can’t use the second one until the first one has run out. Stacking Stim Beacons is impossible.

Stim Beacon isn’t very useful in its current form. For Stim Beacon, my best advice is to skip charging it whenever possible instead of stocking up on other, more critical abilities.

Tip#3: Sky Smoke

Due to his lack of exposure to danger, Brimstone’s biggest advantage is his cigarettes. Find and explain where your team wants to position itself and which regions of the map they want to secure, primarily on the defense side. Brimstone’s Sky Smokes can be employed effectively in this situation:

Several of your colleagues have migrated to help the A Site. The opponent still has the option of withdrawing from A and waiting for others to advance out of B.

It would help if you aimed your smokes at the enemy’s escape route when playing as Brimstone. Choosing to push through the smoke from B Main would expose them to additional angles on the defender’s side and force them to focus on a single one.

It gives you a better chance to defend B Site on your own or at the very least score a pick-off before going down when you have smoke in play.

A Rafter in Ascent, a Heaven in Haven, a Window in Bind, A Screens, and a Rafter in Split can all be reached by Brimstone’s Sky Smoke.

Brimstone is capable of blocking all of these formidable locations on the defender’s side without risk or error.

When pushing past locations, use caution when employing all smokes at once. However, one area-controlling ability, like Viper’s Toxic Screen or Phoenix’s Blaze, may thwart your push, leaving you with no charges to aid the team.

Tip#4: Orbital Strikes

When using Orbital Strikes, the tactical map displayed by Brimstone is much larger (i.e., zoomed out) than when using Sky Smokes. At Site B, one can see nearly all of Haven’s terrain on the tactical map.

It does a lot of damage in a short amount of time – 39 damage ps, to be precise. In 4 seconds (or fewer if they don’t have 150 HP), this will take out any player who cannot get out of the affected area. However, you must exercise caution should you accidentally enable friendly fire using Orbital Strike.

It takes a full 2 seconds for the attack to begin dealing damage, which is ample time for many players to escape getting hurt or even dying. Even still, it may be tough to escape if you’re unlucky enough to be in the blast’s path.

As well as doing significant damage, Orbital Strike completely blinds everybody in its path. If they are within the Orbital Strike’s range, all players will see a giant red warning circle in the center of the screen.

Orbital Strike completely ignores rooftops. Brimstone’s ult. will regard indoor locations the same as outdoor areas, meaning you can hit any map area with it.

Orbital Strike can’t fail in its goal of preventing spike plants and spike defusers from appearing. So players are forced to abandon the plant/defuse and leave their positions if they remain within the bomb radius. Having the opponent take a site, waiting for the plant, and then using Orbital Strike to kill them is a potent advanced tactic for highly organized teams.

Orbital Strikes tend to target specific sections of the three Valorous maps more frequently than others. Just to name a few, there’s the B Window and Garage in Haven and the Hookah and Teleporter areas in Bind and Split.

Weaknesses of Brimstone – Valorant Agent

Brimstone’s Controller Agent has several flaws. However, players can overcome these obstacles once they have become accustomed to their powers.

Brimstone’s skills are fundamentally flawed because he must remain motionless to use his arm-computer. To protect himself while using the ability, he will need to find a safe location or ask for help from a partner.

Even though Brimstone’s skills are lethal, their opponents can avoid them. Brimstone’s ultimate, for example, will instantaneously vaporize anyone caught in its path. Even yet, bunny-hopping is a simple way for gamers to get around this.

Brimstone has a fatal flaw compared to the other Agents in the game who have smokes. However, he must deploy his smoke from a certain distance to be effective. As a result, for Brimstone to use the smoke, he must remain immobile and close to the target region.

Some Valorant Agent “Brimstone” Additional Tips for New Players

  • Tip#1: Your entire round strategy should concentrate on Brimstone’s map control powers, in the same way that a single push should focus on Breach or Phoenix’s initiation capabilities. Brimstone’s Sky Smokes should be the focus of any discussion of round strategy. To do otherwise is to commit a grave error.
  • Tip#2: Brimstone is the team’s caregiver even more than Sage. Keep an eye on your entire squad from around the battlefield and throughout the match as Brimstone. Use the team’s intel to ensure that you position your ultimate in the best possible position. There are few things more important to Valorant than communication.

Final Thoughts on Brimstone Valorant Agent

As a controller, Brimstone’s job is to ensure his team’s success. As a result, you’ll do everything you can to keep things interesting for your teammates.

Adopting an overly defensive or aggressive approach to the game is not necessary. For a controller, it’s important to know when to be more aggressive and when to be more defensive.

Brimstone’s main power is his ability to keep the opposing team from seeing him. As a result, if your team is about to move towards a bombsite, it’s important to smoke key areas. Brimstone, in my opinion, is the best Valorant agent.

You should now have a better understanding of how best to utilize Brimstone. We’ll go over his pluses and minuses and how to get the most out of him on offense and defense.

Thank you for your time. That’s it from my side. If you want more informative articles on Valorant Agents, Stay Tuned!

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