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Top PC Games that you Need to Play in 2022

Top PC Games

What are the top PC games that you need to play in 2022? Everyone has a top favorite game that you cannot stop playing. However, there may come a time when you want to end what you’re playing and start experiencing new games.

There are many games available that you can play. There are pay-to-play and free-to-play games. A wide variety of games are available on the PC platform because it is the most open of all current gaming platforms. Whether you’re using a top-tier gaming PC or a less potent one.

Here, I will be discussing with you guys the top pc games you need to play to ensure you get the fullest experience.


Top PC Games: What Factors Make a Good Game?

There are many games in different stores that we can choose from. However, when we see a game ranking page, we find a tier list showing which game performs best. What makes that game outperform others? Here are some of the factors that help in making top pc games:

  • Factor#1: Amazing Storyline
  • Factor#2: Challenging
  • Factor#3: Combination of Realism and Fun
  • Factor#4: Flexibility
  • Factor#5: Realistic Graphics
  • Factor#6: Smooth Gameplay


Top PC Games that you Must Try!

1. Stray

You’ve probably visited at least one cyberpunk planet over your gaming career, but have you ever done so in the role of a cat? It is one of the reasons why Stray is a fun little game.

Not only do you roam about as a cat, but there are also plenty of other cat-related activities to partake in, such as clawing things and napping.

The game’s strengths lie in its brief open-world interludes, in which you’ll need to accomplish a variety of mini-quests before moving on, while its weaknesses lie in its linear platforming and escape missions.

2. Elden Ring

The amazing Elden Ring, where to even begin? FromSoftware has been developing excellent games for quite some time, such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, and as a result, the developer has amassed a sizable fanbase.

No one, not even the most devoted Souls fans, could have imagined in 2022 how widely played and acclaimed Elden Ring would become. And with good reason, too.

It took the studio’s unyielding beliefs about the challenge and player-driven discovery—two things that make the Souls games so exceptional—and dressed them up in a more approachable and fun game without compromising on them.

For example, the game’s open-world design gives players a lot of freedom to explore at their own pace while giving them a sense of agency over how the game’s story and difficulty unfold. As a bonus, it creates moments of breathtaking drama around every corner.

There are many ways to play Elden Ring, and the community is always prepared to help you if you get stuck, thanks to the game’s built-in co-op features, so it’s no surprise that the game has generated nothing but positive buzz since its March 2022 release.

3. Ghostwire: Tokyo

It pits you against ghostly foes with supernatural abilities as you traverse the Japanese city searching for answers as to why its citizens have vanished and the dead have taken over.

You play a regular guy with a detective’s spirit traveling in your head and use elemental karate moves to defend yourself from the ethereal invasion. It is a refreshing change from action heroes’ usual sword and pistol arsenals.

While not every part of the story can maintain this degree of novelty, the visuals of a foggy Tokyo will likely keep you entertained from the beginning of the campaign to the end of it, as well as all the many side quests and digressions you’ll encounter.

4. Neon White

Neon White is the perfect game to get your blood pounding in under a minute. From the creator of Donut County’s laid-back atmosphere comes another video game.

It’s a challenging speedrunning game where the goal is to finish each level as quickly as possible by killing monsters and pulling off crazy stunts. The experience is thrilling and irresistible.

Moreover, Neon White incorporates online leaderboards, making the friendly rivalry between players a potent force. When every millisecond counts, it’s tempting to keep playing through levels until you’ve found the optimal path.

In the grand scheme of things, what are a few milliseconds between you and your goal? Easy. Neon White is the game that messes with your head and makes you reevaluate your priorities.

5. Norco

Top PC Games

This point-and-click adventure game takes place in the actual neighborhood of Norco in New Orleans, where you and your brother went missing.

You landed in the middle of a far larger story than the one you’re now a part of, hidden behind a bluish landscape obscured by grey tufts of haze.

Like other games in the genre, such as Kentucky Route Zero and Beneath a Steel Sky, the visuals are stunning, and the journey can be soothing and energizing.

6. Monster Hunter Rise

The gameplay loop of killing monsters, looting their bodies, and leveling up your equipment in preparation for the next hunt remains unchanged.

The story revolves around ending a “Rampage” of wild monsters. You get access to a new grappling hook that will add variety to movement and fighting.

Since the Switch version is superior, it would be nice if there was a way to import save data from it into the PC version. But if you haven’t played it yet or want to revisit Kamura, you should.

7. Vampire Survivors

Top PC Games

At first glance, Vampire Survivors doesn’t seem like much. It features the iconically low-resolution Dracula key art and sprites that look like someone lifted them from the 2D Castlevania games. It gives the impression that these were someone’s early attempts at making a video game.

If you give it 15 minutes of your time, though, it will likely sink its teeth into you, and you may find it difficult to stop the day from being drained dry by the game’s dangerously moreish gameplay loop.

Vampire Survivors combines the auto-attacking and selectable progression system of idle games with just enough control to keep you glued to the screen at all times, thanks to the option to move.

As hordes of foes converge on your position, you must retain your distance, so your weapons have time to cool down and fire.

It doesn’t sound like much on paper, but the feeling of growing strength as you rack up experience points and gradually unlock a slew of weapons you can fire in various ways is immensely exciting.

After 10 minutes, you’ll have the hang of things and be able to mow down dozens of foes every second with ease, cracking whips, hurling books, and tunneling fireballs.

Yet, a slip might send it all tumbling down rapidly, and the rush you get from walking that razor’s edge is one you’ll want to chase again and again.

8. V Rising

V Rising has been a success since its Early Access release on Steam. People compare it to Valheim, another early access survival game in 2021. To recover after a long sleep in a coffin, you and your friends take on the roles of frail vampires in this isometric open-world game.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is a role-playing game in which players assume the role of a vampire attempting to survive in the night by avoiding detection by humans and by constructing a stronghold worthy of Dracula.

Are you eager to dive in? Learn all you need to know to get started in V Rising, including how to set up your first base and which weapons are the most effective in the game.

9. Alan Wake Remastered

Top PC Games

Take a trip back to Bright Falls in this remastered version of Alan Wake, along with the original game and expansion packs. Putting yourself in the eponymous author’s shoes (and shabby jacket), you take a trip to a seemingly idyllic small village.

But Alan faces new, more sinister obstacles when his wife disappears and shadow monsters overtake Bright Falls. The gameplay is very similar to that of other third-person shooters, but before you can flood your adversaries with bullets, you must first blind them with a prolonged blast from your flashlight.

The only illumination source is the flashlight in your hand; you’ll have to pick and choose who to shoot before you retreat to a safer location. With the eerie TV series theming, you get to soak up a delicious, ominous atmosphere as you play.

10. Total War: Warhammer 3

Top PC Games

You can direct legions of daemons on a rampage through the realms of mortals and gods. Also, you can lead humanity on a quest to slay the daemon lords and reach the heart of Chaos.

Victory requires careful management of troops at every level of the battlefield, careful planning of province infrastructure, and expert guidance of faction leaders on dangerous missions into the domain of the Ruinous Powers.

The story continues the series’ tradition of expanding upon the Total War formula. There is a new campaign and seven new factions. Each with their armies, spells, mechanics, and improvements to land battles and sieges.

The auto-resolve system is wildly inaccurate, magic is still powerful to game-breaking, diplomacy is often pointless, and load times can be exhaustingly long. These issues have carried over from Total War: Warhammer 1 and 2 and remain in this latest entry.

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How to Choose from the Top PC Games

Choosing the greatest PC games can be easier if you narrow your search to a specific genre. These are not hard and fast rules regarding what must or must not be in a game. But, they should give you a good notion of the genres and styles available.

Check out some reviews to see what critics and fans say about a game. You might be able to try out a game’s limited features for free by downloading a demo.

It’s important to consider how much time you can dedicate to a game. Multiplayer games can have infinite worth if you take the time to learn them. However, story-driven games are typically far shorter than the usual role-playing game.

If you keep these guidelines in mind while shopping, you’ll always find something you’ll like. That’s it from our side. If you want to see more informative articles, stay tuned!

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